CoPower is a clean energy investment company that empowers Canadians to participate in and profit the transition to a clean energy future. Through our innovative green investment products, we give investors of all sizes the opportunity to put their money to work in support of Canada’s clean energy transition.

Backed by senior, secured loans to diversified portfolios of clean energy and energy efficiency projects across North America, CoPower’s flagship Green Bonds help individual investors and advisors earn up to 5% annually
while generating positive impact and reducing carbon pollution. For accredited investors, including institutional investors, CoPower also offers bespoke direct investments including higher yielding construction finance
loans and/or project equity. Our online platform lets investors easily assess opportunities, transact online and monitor financial and impact performance through a secure investor dashboard.

Our team brings decades of expertise in clean energy development and project finance, impact investing, securities law, software engineering and communications. Our shareholders include the Royal Bank of Canada
Generator Fund and Fondaction CSN, a major Quebec pension fund. We are a proud, certified B-Corporation with offices in Toronto and Montreal.