About Us
Pacifica Partners was launched in 2008 with the cornerstone philosophy to, ”manage client assets the way we would manage money for our own families.” To implement our philosophy, we operate as a team of experienced investment professionals collectively working as fiduciaries for our clients.

Pacifica Partners is a boutique investment manager providing discretionary investment management in both Canada and the US. We specialize in building customized investment portfolios that meet the unique needs of our diverse clientele. Our clients include business owners, professionals, multi-generational families, as well as US and Canadian expats resident on both sides of the Canada-US border.

Our managed investment portfolios comprise mainly investment grade bonds, Canadian, US and global large cap stocks.

Investment Philosophy
Our investment philosophy revolves around the common-sense approach of buying a collection of high-quality assets that an investor would likely benefit from holding for the long run. The trick however, is to buy these assets at attractive prices. Focusing on price allows us to:
1) Reduce the risk of loss in an investment
2) Improves the potential for capital gains

What we will not do is manage portfolios by:
– Closet indexing
– Overly concentrating or diluting the holdings of portfolio
– Forcing portfolios into pre-packaged models.

Investment Strengths
Tailoring each client’s portfolio by patiently building it, security by security, is our strength. Our process and systems have been developed so that we can address the unique portfolios needs originating from specific:
– Taxation concerns
– Existing holdings and position restrictions
– Portfolio preferences
– Assets domiciled in multiple tax and legal jurisdictions
– Complex portfolios comprised of combinations of trusts, corporate, tax advantaged and personal accounts.

Responsible Investing
We manage customized Responsible Investment portfolios that adhere to our philosophy and process while also scrutinizing the environmental, social, and governance policies of the companies we invest in. In addition, we adopted the Proxy Voting Guidelines of SHARE to provide the framework in helping our clients be more socially responsible. We use a combination of ESG factor scoring, negative screening and proxy voting to select and manage investments.