Susan Carson

Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor
Richardson Wealth

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Great work is great because it holds the promise of change, impact, and meaning!

– Michael Bungay Stanier

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals with confidence and peace of mind. The Morson Carson Wealth Counsel understands the unique challenges you face associated with balancing health, family, career, and wealth. Our proven process will give you the short-term simplicity and long-term stability you desire.

Since joining the Wealth Management industry in 1997, Susan has prided herself on offering tailored financial solutions to professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees. Whether widowed, divorced, single or part of a couple, we have the real-life experience to empathize with our clients, which allows them to comfortably express their questions and worries, to clarify their individual goals and objectives, and then to achieve them.

As we design a plan based on your values, we also apply those principles to your investments by offering responsible investing options. Responsible investment is the integration of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance factors (ESG) into the selection and management of portfolios. It’s about managing risk to long-term shareholder and stakeholder value by analyzing ESG factors alongside of traditional financial ratios and research.

We believe responsible investments will allow our clients to leave a greater legacy for their children and grandchildren through reducing market risk to produce enhanced long-term returns. It also provides us, in our role of your Investment Advisor, an opportunity to advise, educate, and leave the world a better place. If you believe you could benefit from the integrity, intelligence, and energy of having the Morson Carson Wealth Counsel on your team please contact us.

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  • Succession planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Small business planning
  • Financial planning
  • Will & Estate planning
  • Insurance & risk planning
  • Taxation planning
  • Investment management
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