Sneak Preview: June 2022’s RIA Virtual Conference

May 26th, 2022 | RIA Staff

We’re living and investing in unprecedented times. The world is reeling from socioeconomic and environmental crises, and so too are investors. A global pandemic, war in Europe, rising inflation, the climate emergency and more are converging to create one of the most challenging times in modern history. At the same time, the finance industry is quickly changing as it grapples with new climate regulations, global and local sustainability standards, emerging technologies, and conflicting views on the best steps forward. What do these many, intersecting global changes mean for responsible investors?

The 2022 RIA Virtual Conference is designed to help responsible investors navigate the world of ESG and beyond, regardless of where you are in your investing journey. Our sessions will provide the insight you need, whether you’re concerned or confused about wars; inflation; Canada’s regulatory and supervisory responses to Canada’s climate risks; how the pandemic impacts human capital; the International Sustainability Standards Board’s new disclosure requirements; and so much more.

For those eagerly awaiting the conference, our magazine this quarter features many topics which we will highlight below which are relevant to the upcoming discussions. Whether impact, standardization, engagement, or greenwashing are your concerns, join us at our annual conference as we come together to figure it all out.

Primer Day – Friday, June 3

Primer day is for anyone who is new to the industry or just needs a refresher. Join the RIA team as we explore the history of responsible investment (RI), key concepts and terms, and how taking the initiative to become better informed about RI can benefit you, your clients, and your organization. 

Opening Day – Monday, June 6

The first day of the conference will explore themes at the top of everybody’s minds. After RIA CEO Pat Fletcher announces the 2022 RIA Leadership Award recipients, Ambassador Bob Rae and Roberta Jaimeson will discuss global crises and what they mean for responsible investment. The afternoon session highlights the new era of corporate ESG reporting and its implications for investors.  

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Policy & Standards Day – Tuesday, June 7

Policy and Standards day begins with a keynote from the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OFSI) on Climate Risk & Regulation, after which attendees will receive updates from Canada’s Sustainable Finance Action Council (SFAC) on its current progress and priorities, along with how Canada compares to its peers and what we can learn from other countries. 

After our first expo sessions, the day ends with the state of play and what’s next for ESG Regulation in North America. 

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Impact Day – Wednesday, June 8

As impact investing becomes a growing market, the first session notes that opportunities have been limited for larger investors, and shares how it is expanding for institutional investors, what new tools are emerging, and best practices implemented. Afterwards, a session highlighting the investor’s role in decarbonizing the economy with Climate Engagement Canada. The day ends with a deep-dive panel of leading Canadian impact investors discussing the complexities of impact measurement, and illustrating how they have addressed these challenges with case studies.

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Analyst Day – Thursday, June 9

Analysts Day begins with a timely conversation on overcoming ESG Data Challenges. Human capital metrics in the pandemic context are raised in the afternoon, as the panel unpacks the complexities surrounding an increasingly important component of the economy and RI.

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Retail Advisor Day – Friday, June 10

Rounding off the conference is Advisor Day, where we begin with a session on developments in standards for RI fund disclosures. Client-focused reforms will have the spotlight in our final session, which discusses regulatory and ethical considerations surrounding RI advice. Advisors will learn how new guidelines such as incorporating ESG considerations into Know Your Client (KYC) standards can close the gap between investors’ interest in RI advice and your ability as a business to deliver.

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We are excited and delighted to host you and our speakers virtually in 2022. Sign up for the conference today, and view our quarterly RI Magazine here if you just can’t wait to dive in!


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