Deetken Impact Joins the RIA as a Supporting Member

May 28th, 2018

Toronto – May 28th, 2018 – The Responsible Investment Association (“RIA”) is pleased to announce that Deetken Impact (“Deetken”)
has joined the RIA as a Supporting Member.

“We are pleased to welcome Deetken to the Responsible Investment Association,” said Dustyn Lanz, CEO of the RIA. “We applaud Deetken’s commitment to impact investing, and we look forward to working with them more closely to promote investments that are good for society and portfolios.”

The RIA is Canada’s industry association dedicated to advancing responsible investment, which refers to the incorporation of ESG factors into the selection and management of investments. RIA membership has grown rapidly in recent years as investors increasingly seek investments that align with their values and manage exposure to ESG risks and opportunities.

“Our mandate is to make impact investing accessible to both Canadian and international investors. We want more investors to have the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable world while making strong returns,” said Alexa Blain, Chief Operating Officer of Deetken Impact. “We are pleased to join the Responsible Investment Association and see strong alignment with our own efforts to democratize impact investing”.

Responsible Investment Association 
The Responsible Investment Association (RIA) is Canada’s membership association for Responsible Investment (RI). Members include mutual fund companies, financial institutions, asset management firms, advisors, consultants, investment research firms, asset owners, individual investors and others interested in RI. Our members believe that the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the selection and management of investments can provide superior risk adjusted returns and positive societal impact. To learn more about the RIA, please visit

About Deetken Impact
Deetken Impact’s asset management team has invested over $25 million in impact investments in the Americas with a deeper focus in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through deep financial and strategic analyses, and strong local relationships in the countries where they work, Deetken is able to generate sustainable, long-term returns on their investments. With a hands-on approach, Deetken provides not only the financial resources that micro, small and medium size businesses in the region need but also the technical assistance required to ensure long-term growth and success. To learn more about Deetken Impact, please visit or follow @DeetkenImpact on Twitter

Media Contact
Nick Buccheri, Communications Manager, RIA: +1(416) 461-6042 x5
Alexa Blain, Chief Operating Officer, Deetken Impact: + 1 (604) 731-4424