Geneviève Grenon, PhD

August 8th, 2022

As a member of the responsible investment team, Geneviève Grenon works as an advisor for analysis and research on private market companies and ESG risk assessment. Her work calls upon her in-depth expertise regarding environmental issues, especially concerning climate change, water management, greenhouse gases and biodiversity.

Geneviève joined DGAM in 2021, leveraging the extensive expertise she gained while studying for her master’s and doctorate degrees and working as a research associate. She also took part in a variety of environmental research projects, with a focus on water management. She also worked as a teaching assistant and has spoken at several international events. This helped her sharpen her communication skills, which are an important asset when explaining and raising awareness of ESG issues.

Geneviève has a Bachelor of Environmental Science as well as a Master of Science in integrated water resource management and doctorate in water quality management from McGill University.