I always say my head is for numbers but my heart is for the arts.

By day, I help clients realize their personal, professional, and philanthropic goals through holistic financial planning using the best experts in the country. By night, I am an occasional tenor, financial educator, and advocate for the seat at the table that arts/culture has in our City.

When we talk to clients, we hear a lot of the same questions/concerns:

❓ Artists and arts executives want to know how to invest for their future, often without access to workplace pensions.
❓ Donors want to know how to prioritize their charitable goals while managing their personal wealth against an increasingly unsure economic climate.
❓ Families want to know how to foster deeper conversations about money, creating a legacy of giving, and the things we don’t talk about (but need to) about planning for the next generation.

Arts advocates, executives, and families have chosen to work with us not just because we “walk the walk” in our community, but also because we’ve proven successful with our unique approach to financial planning. Together with clients we:

🎯 Develop a strong, holistic, and risk-managed plan to build wealth during their professional years, manage it during retirement, and establish a lasting legacy for the next generation.
🎁 Create or sophisticate a personal charitable plan to give back to the community with a personal mission, philanthropic strategy, and if needed a private foundation or Donor-Advised Fund.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Co-ordinate their financial lives and professional circle (accountants, lawyers, etc.) so that they spend less time setting up meetings and more time doing what’s important.

Your financial plan is as unique as you are, your advice should never be based on “this works for my other clients”, and a financial plan cannot be created by filling-in-the-blanks. With us, every plan starts first as a relationship, and every client enters as a partner.

Services Offered in RI
  • Financial planning
  • Will & Estate planning
  • Insurance & risk planning
  • Taxation planning
  • Investment management
  • Succession planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Small business planning
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