Coro Strandberg is a thought leader and advisor on embedding sustainability into the marketplace. She specializes in corporate sustainability, sustainability governance, social finance, banking and insurance and socially responsible investment. She has 25-years experience in this work from her days as director and Chair of Vancity Credit Union, which created the first SRI fund in Canada shortly before Coro joined the Board. She was a founding trustee of Ethical Funds Inc., Canada’s most comprehensive family of socially responsible mutual funds.

Clients hire Coro for advice on sustainable and impact investment strategies and social finance and social insurance business models. Community Foundations of Canada, for example, hired Coro to help them launch their responsible investment education and engagement program for community foundations. She authored much of the original Canadian research on impact investing, socially responsible investment, and sustainability governance which she posts on her website along with her other social finance publications.

Coro was a member of Canada’s National Advisory Board to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the G8. Currently she is an advisory panel member to the Office of the Auditor General’s Sustainable Development Commissioner and on the board of BC Lotteries Corporation.

Coro was recognized as the top CSR consultant by Canada’s Clean50 in 2015 for her impact.