Encasa Financial Inc. is a Canadian social purpose mutual fund company with a longstanding commitment to socially responsible investing. From its start in 2002, Encasa has been a proponent of and adherent to the belief that “good companies make good investments” – a fundamental tenet of socially responsible investing.

Encasa recognizes that in conducting its investment management business, it has a dual responsibility:

to provide competitive returns on investments, and
to contribute to the promotion of healthy communities, to addressing issues of social and economic justice, and to support good environmental stewardship.

Encasa believes that integrating socially responsible investing into the investment process is not only preferred but necessary to enhance investment performance over the longer term.

As an early adopter of sustainable investing by incorporating social responsibility principles into the investment process for the Funds, Encasa is a leading social purpose mutual fund company in Canada.

Our investors are primarily non-profit and co-operative organizations seeking to grow their capital assets through responsible investments. We currently do not offer the opportunity for direct investment by individuals.