Libro Credit Union is the largest credit union in southwestern Ontario, with 105,000 members – we call them Owners – more than 600 employees and 31 branches in 25 communities.

Libro’s history exceeds 75 years, during which 43 different organizations have combined to make Libro today.

Libro is a full-service financial institution offering accounts, loans, investment management, etc., is part of a network of more than 4,000 surcharge-free ATMs across Canada, and has digital services that equip people to easily manage their financial well-being.

Libro is democratically run. Over 200 Owner Representatives act as Libro ambassadors who advise, inform and guide our Credit Union through electing the Board of Directors, selecting community investment opportunities and carrying the voting rights of their branch ownership to the Annual General Meeting.

Our aim is to help Owners achieve goals, support businesses to create a thriving local economy and contribute to strong and prosperous communities. That is why Libro exists, with a purpose beyond profit.

Being purpose driven is not a program at Libro; it’s an attitude that exists in all business done by the credit union. It’s a profit-making company that makes a profit for a reason: so that everyone can prosper here, together.