Marie-Josee Privyk, CFA, RIPC, IFRS FSA Credential

Founder and ESG Advisor
FinComm Services

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Certifications in RI:

Responsible Investment Professional Certification (RIPC)
Responsible Investment Professional Certification (RIPC)

FinComm provides companies with ESG reporting information and advisory services that meet their specific needs and circumstances so that they can take action with clarity and confidence. With FinComm, companies produce comparable and reliable ESG disclosures that meet investors’ and other stakeholders’ information needs. They reduce their risk of greenwashing and improve their reputation by better aligning their words with their actions.

I have built a career in capital markets – from sell-side analyst and head of research to director of investor relations and sustainable development for a publicly listed company, to ESG and sustainability reporting consultant and ESG data management practitioner – which uniquely positions me at the nexus of companies and investors.