NEI Investments

Louis Spadacini
Vice President, National Institutional and Strategic Relationships

NEI Investments (from its founding companies Ethical Funds and Northwest Funds) has evolved into Canada’s leading provider of Responsible Investment (RI) solutions in Canada, with the broadest range of RI-focused funds available to Canadian investors.

Our approach to RI is one of pragmatic optimism. Evidence shows that applying a range of approaches – including ESG evaluations, dialogue and engagement, selective screening, ESG-focused proxy voting and sustainability-themed investments – increasingly leads to better investment outcomes in terms risk mitigation and long-term investment performance. While the application of responsible screens is a powerful and effective tool we still employ today, we find we can make a greater difference – in investment returns, corporate policy and ESG outcomes – through engagement, and have grown to prefer working with a company’s board, management and other key stakeholders to help that company deliver positive change.

NEI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aviso Wealth, a fully integrated Canadian wealth management organization with nearly $100B in combined AUA and AUM.