RE Royalties is a publicly traded corporation on the TSX Venture Exchange (Symbol: RE) focused on acquiring a portfolio of long-term renewable energy royalty income streams, mainly from projects already in operations or in advanced stages of development. Our portfolio consist of 11 separate royalties from 493 megawatts of operational and late stage development projects in Canada, USA and Europe. Our royalties are based on gross revenues, with revenues backed by long-term agreements from investment grade off-takers, and have an average duration of 20 years or more.

Our investment mandate is to provide shareholders with (1) a strong growing yield (2) robust capital protection (3) high rate of growth through re-investment and (4) a sustainable investment focus. We are a pioneer and leader in royalty financing in the renewable energy sector. Our royalty financing products provide our clients with a financing alternative that is more flexible than traditional debt and less expensive than traditional equity, similar to other royalty financiers in other industries. The small to mid-cap renewable energy sector represents a large market niche that is particularly underserved by traditional financial products. Royalty financing allows them to achieve their growth targets without resorting to either dilution or asset sales.