Stephen Whipp

Senior Investment Advisor
Stephen Whipp Financial, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

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Feeling shut down when you ask your advisor about the environmental record of companies you invest in? Been told you can’t make money investing responsibly? Uncomfortable about your hard-earned money being used to undermine the things you hold most dear?

We can help.

Responsible investing is not a sideline for Stephen Whipp Financial – it’s the only way we do business. We were early adopters and remain one of the few retail advisor teams in Canada to offer this level of dedicated knowledge and expertise.

We weigh more than short-term financial performance when assessing potential investments. We look for liabilities such as human rights violations, unethical governance or unsustainable environmental practices. These are risks to be factored into investment choices, along with the financials of a company. We look for strengths in the same areas, as we see them as indicators of a company’s long-term viability and sustainability. It’s a disciplined strategy that’s about managing your money without compromising your values.

This is activist investing with a long view. To preserve and protect the things most important to you. Not undermine them. Connecting the dots between what your money is doing and what you value for yourself, your family, the broader community and the planet.

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