Stewart Investors is an investment business which manages portfolios on behalf of clients in Asia Pacific, Emerging Markets, Worldwide and Sustainable Development equity investment strategies. Based in Edinburgh, with offices in London, Singapore and Sydney, we have a distinct culture and investment philosophy that is unchanged in more than two decades, since the launch of our first investment strategy in 1988.

The principle of stewardship has remained central to our investment philosophy. We are long-term investors and have held some shares for over 20 years – when we make an investment, we regard ourselves as buying shares, on behalf of our clients, in a real business. Our investment style is inherently conservative and by focusing on the potential downside as well as on the upside when making any investment decision, the risk to long-term client returns is significantly reduced. Capital preservation is as important to us as capital growth.

All Stewart Investors’ investment strategies strive to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into every investment decision. The Sustainable Funds Group takes this one step further by focusing on long-term sustainable development as a key driver of the investment process.