Can impact investment in clean energy help drive the recovery of the Caribbean?

Wed, October 7, 2020

11:15AM-12:00PM ET


This webinar will explore how impact investment in clean energy and energy efficiency can help drive the revitalization of Caribbean economies.

The panel will be answering critical questions such as:

  • As we think about Caribbean economic recovery, why does impact investment matter?
  • Driving impact – and innovation. What sort of energy projects across which sectors are impact investors looking at? Where can we point to success stories outside the Caribbean?
  • How can impact investment in energy projects help ensure the competitiveness of the all-important tourism sector?
  • How can we tailor financial structures and facilities to fund RE/EE projects in the region?
  • The financial returns are there, but what are the E&S impacts and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? How can we use those metrics to bring new investors into the region?