CFA Society Toronto ESG Bootcamp

Tue, October 20, 2020 - Thu, November 5, 2020

9:00AM-12:00PM ET


Join for three, three‐hour interactive virtual sessions that will provide the fundamentals to understanding ESG. The sessions will be facilitated by ESG Global Advisors, a firm with extensive experience with ESG. In addition, each session will feature a guest speaker from a leading practitioner who is spearheading their own firms’ approach to ESG integration and climate change‐related issues.

The Bootcamp will provide examples of how ESG can be effectively integrated into the investment process and explain what is driving increased demand for these strategies and the connection to corporate performance. It will also explore the growing focus on climate change risks and opportunities for individual companies and across portfolios. The possible implications of the current COVID‐19 pandemic will be explored throughout each session.