Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop

Wed, August 18, 2021

1:00PM-5:00PM ET


The transformative Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop, delivered by Reconciliation Canada, explores the shared history of Indigenous peoples and all Canadians and builds a deeper understanding of our individual and collective roles in overcoming this history, and finding a new way forward. Through storytelling and dialogue participants become aware of their personal outlooks and internal lenses that influence their perception of daily events and circumstances. You will gain insight into how our own past experiences relate to the society we live in today. You will develop ideas on what you can do on an individual and organizational level to further reconciliation. You will leave the workshop with:

  • Increased understanding of our shared Canadian history, including the legacy of Indian Residential Schools.
  • New perspectives on the current realities for Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  • Ideas on how individuals and groups can move forward to adopt a reconciliation lens and take reconciliation action within their individual professional roles.

This is a small, intimate workshop for up to 40 participants. Please note that survivors’ stories can make this an emotional learning experience for attendees. As space is limited, please register now to reserve your spot.