Webinar: Sustainable Finance Taxonomies – Updates from Canada and Europe

Wed, April 1, 2020

3:00PM-4:30PM ET


Europe is introducing major reforms to promote the growth and standardization of sustainable finance. One of the key deliverables is a classification system – or taxonomy – to create a common language for sustainable investments. This taxonomy is set to become part of an EU law that will require money managers to disclose to what extent their financial products and strategies are detrimental to the environment or support the transition to a green economy. This taxonomy is expected to become a global benchmark as it will impact investment managers worldwide.

Concurrently, many Canadian market participants view the European model as incomplete for a natural-resource-driven economy like ours. As a result, the Canadian standards body, CSA Group, is convening a committee of market participants to develop a transition-focused taxonomy that will complement the EU framework and provide a more suitable set of standards for Canada and other resource-driven economies. In this webinar, we will hear updates from leading experts who are working on these taxonomies in both regions.