What is the Future of ESG?

Wed, May 8, 2024

1:00PM-2:00PM ET


ESG is at a crossroads. Just six years remain until 2030, the deadline year for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mandatory disclosures are coming in many jurisdictions. Yet skepticism about the long-term role of ESG continues. During this virtual roundtable, hosted by Advisor.ca and Investment Executive, panelists will discuss how ESG will adapt for the future and what investment products and themes could emerge. They’ll also dive into what advisors need to do to ensure they’re properly serving their clients who want to invest according to ESG factors.

Presented by:
Trevor David, Director, Morningstar Sustainalytics
Solène Hanquier, Senior Manager and Head of Responsible Investing, National Bank Investments

Moderated by: Ady Jonsohn, Vice President, Content Development and Delivery, Responsible Investment Association