What’s Around the Corner in Responsible Investment

October 2nd, 2023 | RIA Staff

In the rapidly evolving world of responsible investment (RI), it’s more important than ever for investment professionals to stay at the leading edge of what’s current and what’s around the corner in sustainable finance.

On October 26, the RIA will be officially launching the latest edition of our Canadian RI Trends report, the most comprehensive research survey and analysis of responsible investment assets and trends in Canada. Last year, the 2022 Report confirmed that RI’s recent momentum was giving way to demand for sophistication and more vigilant reporting, signaling a maturing industry. The 2023 Report will continue to track national trends and outlooks, as well as provide insights into the most common practices of responsible investors in Canada.

Boost your knowledge of RI knowledge this fall with an advanced preview of the 2023 Canadian RI Trends Report, along with in-person networking in Vancouver on October 18th, Montréal on October 24th, or Toronto on October 25th

Advancing RI expertise among our members is a priority for the RIA. Our latest survey of over 1,000 retail investors shows that Canadians want to hear more about responsible investment. While nearly three quarter of respondents wanted their financial services provider to inform them about RI, only a third said their financial services provider had broached the subject with them. That leaves a significant business opportunity for those with an up-to-date understanding of RI.

To keep you on the cutting edge of RI this fall, we’ve brought together top experts, thought leaders and practitioners for four bi-weekly webinars covering:

– The results of the 2023 Canadian RI Trends Report
– The ethical implications of AI and what they mean for investors
– The opportunities of incorporating climate solutions into investment strategies
– The critical connection between climate change adaptation and sound investment decisions

Don’t miss the 2023 RIA Fall Forum Series for the latest trends, topics, and what’s around the corner in responsible investment.


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