Now Is a Moment for Action by RIA CEO Dustyn Lanz (Investment Executive)

July 18th, 2020

In recent months, racial discrimination has become highly visible as citizen journalists share videos of violence and brutality against Black and Indigenous communities, often at the hands of police officers.

But racial injustice extends far beyond violence and law enforcement. Nonviolent forms of racial discrimination and inequity are present in many aspects of society, including the companies in which we invest.

The data regarding racial discrimination paints a stark picture of Canada’s diversity deficit and shows how far we have to go on diversity and inclusion. While a business case should not be required for society to act, the investment case for diversity and inclusion happens to be quite strong.

RIA CEO Dustyn Lanz’s latest column for Investment Executive points out the opportunity investors have to help put a bookend on centuries of racial injustice by advancing diversity and inclusion in their portfolios.

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