RIA Annual Report 2021

The RIA’s 2021 Annual Report summarizes the organization’s progress along its five strategic priorities for achieving the RIA’s overarching goal of driving the adoption of responsible investing (RI) in Canada’s retail and institutional markets.

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  • Membership – Our membership continues to grow across both organizational and individual segments. We finished 2021 with 412 individual members, up from 360 a year prior, and our organizational membership grew from 136 to 167 over the same period. Combined, our total membership grew from 496 to 579 during 2021 – a growth rate of 17%.
  • Conference – Events are an important part of the RIA’s work, as they provide our Members with valuable opportunities for networking and learning. Our annual conference is Canada’s flagship event on responsible investment, and we continue to convene ever-larger audiences. We hosted a record 1228 attendees at our 2021 Virtual Conference, up from our previous record of 940 in 2020.
  • Professional Development – By the end of 2021, RIA credential holders grew to 2,606, representing a 50% increase in one year. This growth is driven primarily by strong uptake of our Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS) program among retail advisors.
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