About Us

Alexandra (Allie) Chapman

Senior Manager, Education and Event Operations

As Senior Manager of Education and Event Operations at the RIA, Allie is highly committed to achieving excellence in education and event coordination. She is dedicated to continuously improving the learning experience for all students, ensuring that new and returning learners have a seamless and enriching journey.

Overseeing the CE Administration Program, Allie is working to ensure seamless application processing and monitoring, while managing accreditor relationships, and fostering strong partnerships for success.

Allie’s expertise in event logistics is unmatched. From venue and platform sourcing to catering, she handles every aspect with precision. With meticulous oversight of the event registration process, Allie ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Allie is also working to streamline and enhance the organization’s systems and procedures. She evaluates current processes, identifies areas for improvement, and implements changes to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Allie brings a dedication to continuous improvement and an eye for finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. Her multifaceted role allows her to have a positive impact on the organization’s operations, outreach, and overall success.