Individual Leadership Finalist

Gabriel Flores

Project: Market Education – Leading by example

Over the course of the past year I have conducted seminar investor events to educate and inform the public as well as my colleagues within the Royal Bank on Responsible investment.

Speaking publicly about the various issues around RI include debunking myths, defining terms, and identifying the risks of inertia and the opportunities that RI represent.

Leadership in an investment movement has meant building out a presentation that provides all the most recent data points, but also a distinct call to action for investors to make a change with their capital.

The ability to leverage the platform RBC has afforded me to speak about RI has hopefully furthered the cause, and empowered investors to better understand the change they can affect through the responsible allocation of their capital.

The initiative has required rigorous research to present the empirical evidence of how RI can make a meaningful difference in investment outcomes, as well as answering to a pent-up need the general public has in finding professional investment advice that can guide them towards their goals in a responsible manner.

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