RIA Leadership Awards

Award Categories

The RIA Leadership Awards are an opportunity to earn national recognition for your contributions to responsible investment in Canada. Each award will recognize the leadership and excellence of an RIA member for their work in one of the following three categories: Market Education, Integration or Advocacy. Drawn from the RIA’s Strategic Priorities, these categories represent the critical work being done to advance responsible investment in Canada. An award will be granted to an Organization and an Individual in each category, for a total of 6 Awards.

Market Education: Driving Awareness and Demand for RI

Recognizing RIA members who seek to bridge the gap between knowledge about and demand for RI by engaging and educating market participants, raising awareness of responsible investment and developing and promoting tools, resources and research related to RI.

Integration: Developing the RI Capacity of Investment Professionals

Recognizing RIA members who further the adoption and development of responsible investment practices among investment professionals by enabling the development of RI literacy and expertise, and implementing and enhancing RI policies, processes and principles.

Advocacy: Shifting Public Policy and Regulation to Support RI

Recognizing RIA members who seek to shift public policy and regulation through proactive engagement with regulators, responding to RI related policy consultations, and participating collaboratively with other market participants to advance the widespread implementation of policies that support RI.

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Award Eligibility

To be eligible for an RIA Leadership Award, submissions must meet the following criteria:
RIA Membership

All Entrants must be members of the RIA for at least one year as of January 1, 2020. Entrants must be RIA members in good standing on the date they enter their submission and when the Awards are presented. Submissions are welcomed from all RIA Membership categories.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects may be submitted, so long as at least 50% of the project’s participants are RIA members, or RIA members actively contributed at least 50% of the effort for the project.

  • Simply sponsoring a project will not be eligible.
  • All participants must agree to take part in the Awards
    before sending in their submission.
  • Multiple submissions for one collaborative project will not
    be permitted; if multiple submissions are received, the
    RIA will encourage the participants to submit a single
    Collaborative submission.
Project Time Frame

The activities described in the submission must have taken place or been implemented during the calendar year 2019. The Awards are open to both ongoing and completed projects. While activities might have been initiated prior to 2019, or may conclude after 2019, the submission will be evaluated on the basis of its reported results during calendar year 2019.

Submission Timeline

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To be considered for an Award, an RIA individual or organizational member must complete their own submission. An individual or organization can be nominated by someone else, however the nominee will still be required to complete the submission form. Award winners will be recognized on the main stage during the opening ceremony of the RIA conference.

The Submission and Nomination period will be open from January 28, 2020 to March 23, 2020. Only online submissions will be accepted.

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About the Judges

The Judges’ Panel will be made up of 10 Volunteers with expertise in responsible investment in Canada. The Panel’s composition will consider factors such as geography, gender, and racial diversity, consistent with the RIA Board’s Diversity Policy, and will balance representation from the following sectors:

  • Academics
  • Advisors
  • Asset Managers
  • Asset Owners
  • Business/Consulting/Service Provider
  • Financial Institutions (Banks & Credit Unions)
  • Media
  • RI Organizations

The call for judges is now closed! Judges will be announced February 28, 2020

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