Individual Leadership Winner

Tim Nash

Project: Market Education – Public Awareness

Members of the RIA know that there’s a huge knowledge gap with lots of Canadians interested in SRI, but few actually doing it. Throughout 2019, Tim Nash has been on a mission to educate regular investors about socially responsible and green investments. Below is a list of his grassroots education efforts:

  • Appeared on BNN Bloomberg seven times, including five appearances on Market Call’s hour long live call-in show to answer questions from investors
  • Worked with CBC journalists on two features for The National – the first on reducing the carbon footprint of your investments and the second on getting guns out of your portfolio
  • Appeared on CTV’s Your Morning to discuss how many Canadians own gun stocks
  • Quoted in articles about socially responsible investments three times each in The Globe & Mail and The Toronto Star, twice in The National Post, and once in Chatelaine (corrected spelling -MR)
  • Appeared on five podcasts, three radio programs, and hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything
  • Penned fifteen articles for Corporate Knights magazine, most of them Sustainable Stock Showdowns that put two companies toe-to-toe on ESG issues. He also wrote an article for MoneySense about Vanguard’s ESG ETFs
  • Gave in-person seminars to investors in Toronto, Ottawa, North Bay, and Sudbury
  • Had 15,000 unique visitors to his blog

Tim accomplished all of this while running his business and directly helping 92 clients switch their investments into socially responsible portfolios.

Finalist: Gabriel Flores
Project: Market Education – Leading by example

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