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Meet Canada’s Certified Responsible Investment Experts

The RIA offers three financial designations for qualified professionals working in Canada’s responsible investment (RI) industry: 

1. Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC)
2. Responsible Investment Professional Certification (RIPC)
3. Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS)

Click the designations below to view a list of recipients. Learn more about the RIA’s financial designations here.

Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC)

Dawn Bates, Portfolio Manager, ScotiaMcLeod

Lois Beer, Portfolio Manager, National Bank Financial

Mark Beverly, Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Charlene Birdsall, Advisor/Portfolio Manager, National Bank Financial

Scott Boassaly, Advisor, Financial Planning and Wealth Management, J.R. Saint and Associates/Quadrus Investments

Paul Borisoff, Senior VP, Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

Alicja Brown, Investment Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy

Susan Carson, Portfolio Manager, CIBC Wood Gundy

Ryan Colwell, Certified Financial Planner, IPC Investment Corporation / C&C Planning Group

Mark P Comeau, Portfolio Manager, Odlum Brown Ltd.

Patti Dolan, Portfolio Manager, Raymond James Ltd.

Anthony Edwards, Investment Advisor, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

Christian Farstad, Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor, ScotiaMcLeod

Donna Gehmlich, Investment Advisor, Servus

Caroline Goode, Investment Advisor, National Bank Financial

Eric Goss, Mutual Funds Representative, Qtrade Financial Group

Paul Horachek, Investment Advisor, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

Nadia Iskander, VP & Investment Advisor, Echelon Wealth Partners

Akaash Kalra, Investment Funds Advisor, Desjardins Financial Security

Russ Lazaruk, Portfolio Manager, Echelon Wealth Partners

Bibiana Leikucs, Investment Advisor, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

Caval Olson-Lepage, Investment Advisor, TCU Wealth Management

Lindsay M MacPhie, Investment Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy, The Wooding Group

Rafi Mohammed, Investment Specialist, First Calgary Financial

Rick MorsonVice-President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy

Kevin Murdoch, Vice President and Wealth Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

Jean-François Obregón, Analyst, Sustainalytics

Tracy Price, Financial Planner, Investment and Retirement Planner, RBC Dominion Securities

Sucheta Rajagopal, Certified Financial Planner & Portfolio Manager, Mackie Research Capital

Jackie Ramler, Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd

Ian Robertson, Vice President, Odlum Brown Ltd

Anup Ruparelia, Financial Advisor, Affinity Capital Management inc.

Michael Silicz, Investment Advisor, National Bank Financial

Carol Smith, Investment Fund Advisor, DFS Investments

Terry Soucy, Vice-President, Regional Manager, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager, Laurentian Bank Securities

Stephen Whipp, Managing Director, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

Tom Wooding, Portfolio Manager, CIBC Woody Gundy

Michael Zonta,  Wealth Management Advisor, Assante Capital Management

Responsible Investment Professional Certification (RIPC)

Karim Allibhai, Financial and Tax Planning Specialist, Odlum Brown Ltd 

Julie Ambachtsheer, Director of Programs, Responsible Investment Association

Tony Chan, Director (Risk Management & Compliance), Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Greta Fearman, Client Relations Advisor, Sustainalytics

Shibah Gill, HR Manager, Sustainalytics

Maryse Girard, COO, Castle Hall Alternatives

Stephanie Griffiths, Portfolio Manager/Writer, Independent 

Terry Honner, Associate -Performance & Analytics, Sionna Investment Managers

Cherlyn Itakura, Senior Accountant, Vancity Community Foundation

Kyuwon Taylor Kim, Analyst, Research Products, Sustainalytics

Phillip Ludvigsen, Senior Associate, First Environment Inc.

Alexander McGinn, Product Research Analyst, Invesco

Sarah Mooney, Assistant/Associate, Odlum Brown Ltd

Nicole Neuert, Manager, Fossil Free & Impact Solutions, Genus Capital

Philippe Pelletier, Vice President, Sales, NEI Investments

Paul Pflanz, VP, Sales, Alberta, NEI Investments

Catherine Philogène, Portfolio Specialist, RBC GAM

Tena Rieck, Investment professional, RBC Dominion Securities

Lynn Thordarson

Arnaud van Dijk, Senior Manager, KPMG

Walter Viguiliouk,  Associate, Institutional Management, Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited

Megan Wallingford, Senior Advisor, Sustainalytics

Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS)

Jeffrey Adams, Portfolio Manager, OceanRock Investments

Stacey Agecoutay, Wealth Planning Specialist, Valley First

Ginny Arnott-Wood, Wealth Advisor, BMO Nesbitt-Burns

Andrea Bacsu, Financial Planner, TCU Wealth Management

Ron Barbara, Ron Barbara Financial

Meghan Barbara, Ron Barbara Financial

Brian Barsness, Director, Investment Services, Kindred Credit Union

Ruthann Bartello, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Qtrade Financial Group

Martine Bertrand, Advisor, SFL Placements

Réjean Bertrand, Director, SFL Placements

Manmeet Bhatia, SVP & CIO, OceanRock Investments

Randi Biberdorf, Senior Vice President Wealth Management Insurance and Trust, Servus Credit Union

Diane Billaudeau, Group Savings Representative, SFL Placements

Scott Boassaly, Advisor, Financial Planning and Wealth Management, J.R. Saint and Associates/Quadrus Investments

Archie Bonifacio, Vice President, Wealth Management, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd.

Ryan Bonimy, Financial Services Advisor, Meridian

Laurence Bouvet

Connie-Gay Boyce, Financial Advisor, VantageOne Credit Union

Andrea Bramley, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union 

Peter Brow, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union 

Carolyn Brown, Investment Specialist, Kindred Credit Union

Jean-Sébastien Bouchard, Independent Advisor, SFL Placements

Keven Brunelle, Financial Security Advisor, SFL Placements

Gwynne Cafik, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union 

Sherry Cavallin, Senior Wealth Advisor, Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Frederic Chalut, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union 

Julia Chapman, Financial Advisor, Chapman Wealth Strategies; IPC Investment Corporation

Linson Chen, Financial Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager, Rogers Group Financial 

Joanna Y. Chen, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union 

Marc Chenard, Investment Advisor, Envision Financial

Sandy Cheng, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Tina Cheung, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union 

Adam Chouinard, Wealth Management Advisor, Financière Banque Nationale

Jay Christensen, Investment Specialist, Valley First

Rana Chung, Regional Manager, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union 

Donna Colenutt, Financial Planner, Kindred Credit Union

Jean-François Cormier, Sales Manager, Business Development and Recruiting, SFL Placements

Pamela Clarke, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Tayla Clarke, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Cheryl Crowe, Senior Financial Advisor, SRI Investments, Assiniboine Credit Union

Jane Czuboka, Senior Financial Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Anna Dai, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

April Dean, Wealth Planner/Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Vancity Credit Union

Robert Deeg, Director, Wealth Solutions, Vancity Credit Union

Marie DeLauretis, Financial Planner, DeLauretis Wealth Management/DFS Investments Inc.

Sukhy Dhaliwal, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Navshin Dhanani, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Shelly Dhawan, ESG Research Analyst, Vancity Credit Union

Jocelyn Dinglasan, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Karen Di Quinzio, Director of Wealth Management, Assiniboine Credit Union 

Johany Doucet, Financial Security Advisor, SFL Placements

Eamon S. Duffy, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Janice Dumbleton, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Sylvie Ducharme, SFL Placements

Michael Enemark, Wealth Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Steve Eng, Manager, Business Optimization, Vancity Credit Union

David Field, Certified Financial Planner, WSC Insurance Group

Ryan Fontaine, Senior Wealth Consultant, Assiniboine Financial Group

Jeff Foster, Financial Planner, Kindred Credit Union

David Francilia, Certified Financial Planner & Life Insurance Specialist, Envision Investment Services

Brendan Gallagher, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Tina Gandhi, Regional Manager, Investment Solutions, Vancity Credit Union

Angela Garland, Senior Investment Service Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Gary Gelinas, Wealth Planning and Investment Specialist, Valley First

Doug Gilmour, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Ilesh Girdharlal, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Claire Giroudeau, Financial Security Advisor, Cabinet Lafond & associés

Michelle Gough, Investment Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Kate Gorman, Financial Services Officer, LaHave River Credit Union Ltd

Elise Gregg, ‎Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Alexandra Gross, Regional Sales Associate, OceanRock Invesments

Nick Grychowski, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Stephanie Griffiths, Portfolio Manager/Writer

Christian Halim, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Dorothy Hall, Investment Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Beatrix Handlbauer, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Nancy Harper, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Peter Hartley, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Darcy Hermary, Financial Planner, Kindred Credit Union

Colin Herrick, Wealth Advisor, Assante Wealth Management

Kelly Hirsch, ESG Analyst, Vancity Credit Union

Benjamin Holt, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Jordan Hopper, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Martin Hough, Senior Personal Banking Officer, Valley First

Scott Howe, Senior Advisor, Financial Planning, Island Savings Insurance Services

Angel Hsu, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Dennis Jack, Wealth Planner/Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Vancity Credit Union

Rohit Jaswal, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Karli Jay, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Robert Kazan, Investment Specialist, Alterna Savings

Todd Kennelly, Financial Planner, Valley First

John Kha, Investment Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Colleen Koop, Personal Account Manager, Envision Financial

Neil KumarVice President & Portfolio Manager, Richardson GMP Limited

Jason Kuramoto, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Joseph Reid, Director, Wealth Advisory Services, Vancity Credit Union

Heather Knowles, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Cavan Knox, VP of Sales, IA Clarington Investments

Natasha Knox, Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial

Rezarta Kroi, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Sophie Lacharité, Financial Security Advisor, SFL Placements

Martin Lauzier, Independent Representative, SFL Placements

Russ Lazaruk, Portfolio Manager, Echelon Wealth Partners

Michael Learmonth, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Jason Lee, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Bruce LeFranc, Financial Planner/Investment Advisor, Qtrade Securities/Valley First Credit Union

Nikki Leis, Kindred Credit Union

Jaime Lerakis, Financial Security Advisor, SFL Placements

Brent Lewis, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Jane Logan, Wealth Planner/Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Vancity Credit Union

Brian Lovshin, Senior Learning Consultant, Wealth Management, Qtrade Financial Group

Kenny LuVancity Credit Union 

Trung Lu, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Kim Ly, Investment Management Consultant, Vancity Credit Union

Craig MacDougall, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Steve Maciesza, Investment Fund Advisor, The Heritage Group

Chris MacLean, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Peter Mahzari, Investment Advisor, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd.

Jérôme Martineau, Advisor, SFL Placements

Lisa Matwyko, Senior Financial Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Stacey McGregor, Business Development Manager, Vancity Credit Union

Marilyn McKever, Financial Planner, Kindred Credit Union

Brett McKinstry, VP, National Sales Manager, OceanRock Investments

Heather McLeod, Consultant, Investors Group Financial Services

Rachel Metzger, Mobile Investment Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Jean-Mikael Michaud, Analyst, National Bank Financial

Jonathan Mochizuki, Wealth Planner, Vancity/Credential Asset Management Inc.

Erik Molnar, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Kristine Morga, Investment Advisor/Senior Wealth Consultant, Assiniboine Credit Union

Tina Neufeld, Investment Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Hugh Ng, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Joey Ng, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Veronica Ngai, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Gloria Nicol, Senior Financial Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Michael Nixon, VP of Sales, iA Clarington Investments

Michael B. Osman, Regional Manager, Wealth Solutions, Vancity Credit Union

Rebekah O’Reilly, Portfolio Analyst, OceanRock Investments

Trevor O’Reilly, Investment Counsellor, RBC Phillips Hager & North Investment Counsel Inc.

Jean Pagé, Wealth Manager, Frontline Financial Credit Union

Cory Papineau, Senior Financial Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Philippe Pelletier, Vice President, Sales, NEI Investments

Michael Pennicard, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Philip Picado, Regional Sales Associate, OceanRock Investments

Pauline Picher, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Jacques-Pierre Beaupré, Advisor, SFL Placements

Rémy Pinette, Advisor, SFL partenaire de Desjardins Sécurité Financière

Sabrina Pizzolato, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Karen K. Podgurnycormier, Wealth Compliance & Operation Manager, Assiniboine Credit Union

Douglas Price, Kindred Credit Union

Peter Prochilo, Investment Advisor, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd.

Douglas Pronovost, Portfolio Manager, Vancity Credit Union

Ian Provost, Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Senior Vice-President, National Bank Financial

Marlena Quan, Regional Manager, Wealth Solutions, Vancity Credit Union

Michele Quan, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Tobin Reimer, Financial Planner, Kindred Credit Union

Adam Richard, Wealth Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Paul Rivard, VP, Sales, OceanRock Investments

Lorna Roth, Senior Investment Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Gerry Ronan, RVP Sales, Ontario Sales Manager, iA Clarington Investments

Robert Rusak, Wealth Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Sophie Salcito, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Bona-Marie Savone, Certified Executor Advisor, MacKenzie Savone Team

Crystal Schuhmacher, Wealth Advisor, Valley First 

Tanya Sealey, Financial Advisor, IPC Investment Corporation

Pat Shellard, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Rhonda Sherwood, Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd.

Paul Shwaikoski, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Dawn Smith, Team Manager, Investment Solutions, Vancity Credit Union

Tamla Sokolosky, Senior Personal Banking Officer, Valley First

Alex Spurling, Island Savings

Diana Stanomirescu, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Alex Steele, OceanRock Investments

Yolanda Sterk, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union/Credential Asset Management Inc.

Ayaz Sunderji, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Keith Swarnadhipathi, Regional Sales Associate, OceanRock Investments

Kim Tachan, Senior Financial Advisor, Assiniboine Credit Union

Priti Tahilramani, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Cindy Taylor

Theresa Thiessen, Investment Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Arlene Tober, President, Sweet Spot Consulting

Cheryl TraylerVancity Credit Union

Quan Trinh, Investment Advisor and Assistant Branch Manager, Vancity Credit Union

Mary Tsang, Portfolio Analyst, OceanRock Investments

Tamara Tupechka, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Michel Turcotte, Financial Security Advisor, SFL Placements

Jennifer Underwood, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

John Vermeulen, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Jean Vernier, Financial Security Advisor, SFL Placements

Cindy Viner,Wealth Management Advisor , Valley Credit Union

Holly Vipond, Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial

Daniel Walzak, VP Sales, OceanRock Investments

Janet Wan, Wealth Planner/ Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Vancity Credit Union

Magali Ward, Wealth Advisor Assistant, Vancity Credit Union

Dan Watanabe, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Dawna Weber, Financial Services Representative, Kindred Credit Union

Brittney Weatherhill, Senior Financial Advisor, First Valley

Brad WingWealth Management Specialist, Envision Investment Services

Benny Wong, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union 

Michael Wong, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Steve Woo, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union/Credential Asset Management Inc.

Mark K. W. Wu, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Judy Yang, Vancity Credit Union

Josie Young, Wealth Advisor, Vancity Credit Union

Sunny Young, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Suad Zepic, Wealth Planner, Vancity Credit Union

Susan Zhou, Wealth Planner, Squamish Savings, a division of Vancity Credit Union

Andrew Zorgdrager, Investment Services Support Representative, Kindred Credit Union


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