Integration Finalist (2021)

Inspirit Foundation

Project: 100% Impact Portfolio

Foundations in Canada are required to allocate at least 3.5% of their assets annually to charitable activities. The remaining 96.5% of a foundation’s asset base is not mandated to be allocated to charitable endeavors. Only leveraging 3.5% of our asset base for public good did not sit well with us at Inspirit. Working towards Inspirit’s mission of inclusion and pluralism requires leveraging our investment capital. We are committed to a 100% impact portfolio, with the goal of activating our full asset base to further our organizational mission. Our commitment to a 100% impact portfolio is an imperative for creating the systemic change needed to realize our mission.

We recognize that impact investing is an important tool for working towards positive societal change. By investing in companies whose values align with our own organizational mission of pluralism and inclusion, we can create much-needed systemic change. That’s why we have committed to transitioning our assets to a 100% impact portfolio, where every single one of our investments generates positive social and environmental impact. In making this commitment, we believe we can use our assets to generate financial returns.

At the end of 2019, 77% of our portfolio was transitioned to increase its impact. At the end of 2020, 98% of our portfolio could be classified as impact investments. Due to our impact investments, our portfolio financially outperformed benchmark by over 7% during the year. That’s a lot!

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