Integration Winner (2022)

RGP Investments

Project: RI Advisor Toolkit Launch

RGP Investments focuses on helping advisors to maximize the value they deliver to their clients. As the RGP Investments team built their vision for their RI Advisor Toolkit launch in 2021, they took a multi-faceted approach not only with their products, but unique tools to support RI client conversations across Canada.

Launch of the Greenwise Portfolios

  • Canada’s fully-independent ESG/Impact Portfolio Fund
  • Impact Report
  • 267 advisors with first trade
  • $108M in sales for GW

Launch of the ESG Head-To-Head tool

  • One-of-a-kind tool that helps advisors compare key financial and ESG/sustainable factors between two investments
  • 328 reports generated totalling $32.4M analyzed

Launch of the Greenwise website 

  • Includes resources to help advisors implement RI into their book

The Responsible Investor’s Guide Video series

  • What is Responsible Investing
  • Why Greenwise Portfolios
  • Why is RGP Planting Trees? (Plant-A-Tree program)

Plant-A-Tree Program

  • Partnership with One Tree Planted
  • RGP donates over 1% of profits from Greenwise portfolios to One Tree Planted
  • RGP Investments have planted over 14,000 trees in: Amazon Rainforest, Haiti, Indonesia and in British Columbia.

Webinar series

  • Responsible Investment webinar
  • Over 450 advisors in Canada in attendance

Partnership with GiR to vote RGP Investments’ Funds proxies in accordance with RGP Investments proxy voting policy and RGP Investments values.

Finalist: Manulife Investment Management
Project: The Integration Progression Level Ratings of Manulife Investment Management

The winner and finalist scorecards can be found here.

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