Market Education Finalist (2022)

Desjardins Investments

Project: 2021 RI Education Campaign: making RI accessible to all with a needs-based approach

Building on its core organizational values and long-standing commitment to RI, Desjardins has given itself the mission to be the Canadian financial institution most involved in RI education and democratization. To fulfill this mission, Desjardins built its 2021 RI Education Campaign through a two-step process:

1. Gather data on barriers to RI mainstreaming and needs and priorities of investors. Activities: 
a. commissioning of a survey with 2,000 Canadians on RI 
b. co-sponsoring of the annual RIA Investor Opinion Survey 
c. consultation with Desjardins financial advisors 
d. gathering of testimonies from Desjardins investors.  

2. Develop tools for investors and financial advisors alike using findings from step one.

Key findings:
a) There is a 50+% gap between RI investor interest and conversation on the topic with their financial advisor, and
b) The #1 reason why investors are interested in RI is their desire to contribute to sustainable outcomes.

a. Refreshed one-hour RI training for Desjardins front-line financial advisors, focused on their specific needs; 
b. RI Toolbox for these advisors, including FAQs, conversations starters etc. 
c. “ESG tags” i.e. tangible examples of sustainable outcomes of RI products, available to financial advisors and investors 
d. direct-to-consumer awareness-raising activities, including testimonies from real Desjardins members and educational content in mainstream media.

The winner and finalist scorecards can be found here.

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