Service Leadership Finalist (2021)


Project: Advancing Climate Investing in Canada: Equipping Institutional Investors with Critical Climate Tools

The climate emergency is the defining threat of our generation. MSCI is committed to supporting the transformation of the capital markets to a net zero world. We believe climate change will pose a systemic risk to the financial sector, whilst also producing new investment opportunities.

For over 40 years, MSCI has measured and modelled ESG and Climate risk . Our aim is to equip investors with the tools to benchmark, measure and manage exposure to climate risk and identify sustainable investment opportunities.

In 2020, we introduced critical climate tools and services to meet the needs of institutional investors in Canada and globally who are looking to move beyond carbon footprinting and better understand future risks.

In February 2020, MSCI launched Climate Value-at-Risk, an innovative and pioneering climate risk metric that calculates the impact of climate change on a company’s market value and helps investors understand and quantify these risks within their portfolio, provided by MSCI ESG Research.

In October 2020, MSCI created the Climate Paris Aligned Indexes, a new suite of climate indexes to help investors seeking to tackle climate change holistically.

Throughout 2020, our dedicated team in Toronto, Ontario provided ongoing education and engagement to support Canadian institutional investors looking to take action on climate.

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