Tony Mahabir

TONY MAHABIR – is a Professor of Finance & Management Studies within the Faculty of Business at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning for The Bachelor of Commerce & Finance degree programs. He lectures on Managerial Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Business Communications. On the Finance side, he teaches the Advanced Certified Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Risk Management and Estate Planning courses. Concurrently, he is the Chairman and CEO of Canfin Group of Companies – to offer professional wealth management services to businesses, professionals and individuals across Canada.

Tom Wile

I coach financial advisors on having the RI conversation with clients and prospects. I advise on product recommendations, deliver presentations to advisors, the general public, prospects, clients… basically anyone who will listen.

Panos Alivizatos

Bespoke Corporate Finance & Sustainability Strategy advisory for corporations, mid-market, and low-mid-market companies as well as for institutional investors.

We assist companies, ventures, and entrepreneurs in topics related to corporate finance, corporate development, sustainability, ESG investing, capital markets, strategy, and partnerships.

With a presence on 3 continents, we assist sellers to find the right buyers and/or investors and buyers to find the right strategic targets.