Cornelio has 20 years of experience in economic development, impact investments, investment attraction, public-private partnerships, and value chain development. He has been working with companies, governments, local and indigenous communities, NGOs, and universities in sustainable economic, social, and business development, cleantech, and business sustainability. In the last fifteen years, he focused on implementing initiatives across the Americas, supporting junior, mid-size, and major natural resources-based companies to maximize job creation and business opportunities in all the stages of the industry cycle. He helped companies to create and share value with stakeholders on critical areas of the ESG factors and the SDGs. He leads socio-economic transition programs and mine closure, including business models for budget optimization, investment attraction, land repurposing, and land recovery. He works with companies to integrate ESG pillars into capital allocation, M&A transactions, and critical business decisions.

Areas of expertise: Sustainable economic, social, and environmental development in mining. Multi-stakeholders mapping/analysis/engagement through collaborative alliances. Policy analysis regulations, permitting, land access. Sustainability and ESG experience in several jurisdictions and direct mine sites, including different stages such as exploration, PFS, FS, permitting, financing, design, construction, post-construction, operations, expansion, care and maintenance, closure, post-closure, and M&A.
Project design, implementation, management, and evaluation. ESG and materiality assessment including risk and gap evaluation, social return of investment analysis, monitoring, and social and governance risk assessment. ESG disclosure and reporting based on industry standards including GRI, SASB, BCorp, IFC, FutureFit, TCFD. Mine value chain and local development through inclusive business models and sustainable development and value chain innovation. Direct experience with local and indigenous communities.


A global shift to an ESG mindset has emerged. Market access and investor confidence are increasingly tied to non-traditional measures of performance. Demonstrating strong ESG performance metrics is no longer driven solely by the need to attain stakeholder support and social license to operate – it’s crucial for business survival.

Shift Critical offers customized services to identify and manage the risks, and the opportunities, associated with this shift. Our strategic innovative solutions can secure investor confidence, enhance enterprise value, and build a cohesive network of stakeholder advocates.

Our work reflects local market needs, evolving regulatory requirements, and leading national and international ESG standards and frameworks. We are focused on;

• Sustainable Finance
• Risk Management
• ESG Solutions
• Social Governance and Stakeholder Engagement

Tom Wile

I coach financial advisors on having the RI conversation with clients and prospects. I advise on product recommendations, deliver presentations to advisors, the general public, prospects, clients… basically anyone who will listen.