Ryan Fitzpatrick

Founded in 1989, Orbis is a specialized global investment firm with C$46 billion in assets under management as at 30 Sep 2023. Our core skill is bottom-up stock selection using a fundamental, long-term and contrarian investment philosophy, and our primary offering includes four long-only equity strategies: Global (MSCI ACWI), International (MSCI ACWI ex-USA), Emerging Markets and Japan.

Our firm is structured to reinforce our investment philosophy and align our interests with those of our clients. The controlling interest in Orbis is held by a philanthropic foundation established by our founder, which will allow the firm to remain privately owned in perpetuity. We view private ownership as critical to enable contrarian thinking and to ensure we have the freedom to act entirely in the long-term interests of our clients. Orbis’ management and owners also invest in the same pools and pay the same fees as our clients. This alignment of interests is reinforced by our unique refundable performance fees through which we refund fees to investors during periods of underperformance.

To find out more, please visit our website at www.orbis.com.

Dagmar Pagel

Investment Director – experienced investment professional, previous responsibilities included all aspects of product management (mutual funds) from ideation to asset re-purposing and consolidation, strategic analysis, developing narratives to promote and explain products, training and mentoring.

Completed CFA ESG program and all sections of the TCFD. CFA Charterholder since 2002

Sandy Rose, CFA

As a consultant, my focus is making the ESG connection between asset owners and capital providers. I specialize in bite-sized strategic projects to keep business moving forward, and just as important, give leaders time to breathe. My roots are in finance, and I continue to lean on its foundation of research, analysis and rigour to integrate sustainability into the investment process and company narratives.

I offer an ‘Expert Resource Service’ for asset managers struggling to resource the responsibilities that come with implementing the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Whether looking for minimum compliance or global best practices, I meet investors where they are and also offer support for Principle 6 (reporting) as a standalone service.